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Aviation Communications Filter Housing

End User:  Aerospace Industry
Material:   .063thk  6061-T6 Aluminum

Size:  L: 4.730  W: 4.040   H: 3.420
Tolerances:   .xx +- .030  .xxx +- .005
Welding:   TIG welded in accordance with MIL-STD-454.
Welding for aluminum alloys shall be in accordance with MIL-W-8604.  Penetrant inspected per ASTM-E-1417, accept criteria per MIL-STD-1907, Grade C.
Finish:  Electroless Nickel Plate per MIL-C-26074E, Copper Plate per MIL-C-14550B, Tin-Lead Plate and Fuse per MIL-P-81728A
Hardware:   PEM Stainless Steel Clinch Insert
These EMI enclosures present some unique problems, they are aluminum and must be TIG Welded by hand and inspected per Military Specifications. The welds are hermetically sealed.   These parts are tin plated, a very difficult process to do on aluminum, therefore a coat of electro-less nickel is put on first, to help with plating adhesion. The clinch hardware is pressed-on after plating.

U. S. Army Mobile Communication Base Enclosure

End User: U.S. Armed Forces
Material: .016 thick half hard Copper
Size: L: 7.77   W: 1.10  H: 1.44
Tolerances:   .xx +- .010  .xxx +- .005
Welding:   Tig Welding per MIL-STD-248D
Finish: Silver Plate per QQ-S-365 Grade A
These EMI Enclosures are made of .016 copper and have many intricate cuts and tabs. They are TIG welded by robot per MIL-STD-248D and Silver Plated. These parts were originally designed with silver brazed corners, but with GLC’s welding robot, we were able to TIG weld this very thin stock.  This change created a better corner construction with less plating problems giving us a cost reduction. The mounting tabs are punched and bent on the CNC Turrett Press.

Communications Crystal Frequency Filter

netcom.jpg (5199 bytes)

End User:   U.S. Armed Forces
Material: .030 thick CRS
Size:  L: 3.06 W: 3.485 H: 0.735
Tolerances: .xx +- .010  .xxx +- .005
Welding: Tig Welding per MIL-STD-454
Finish: Copper Plate per MIL-C-14550B, Tin-Lead Plate and Fuse per MIL-T-10727
Hardware:   Copper ground pins and brass internal thread inserts silver brazed to can.
These EMI enclosures are used to shield a Crystal Frequency Filter that is used in the Communications Field Officer’s backpack.  This is a high volume project that is TIG welded by robot.  All (8) .040 dia ground pins and (4) 4-40UNC-2B internal thread inserts are silver brazed to form a hermetically sealed box.  

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